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Online Keyword Selection for Yandex Search Engine

Β£0,03 per request Not included in the annual subscription. Not included in the annual subscription.
Source:   Yandex

πŸŽ“ An internet-based tool designed for analyzing the meaning and picking out essential terms from Yandex Wordstat.

The "Keyword Selection for Yandex Search Engine" service enables the examination of meaning, choosing pivotal terms from Yandex Wordstat, forming clusters, adeptly grouping, determining the percentage of commercial keywords, and exporting findings into CSV and Excel.

The cloud service tailored for semantic analysis in the Yandex search engine provides a user-friendly online platform, swift collection of phrases, and notably economical rates compared to competitors. This service features an automatic clusterizer, tools for dissecting phrases, evaluating commerce and primary pages, and a rapid word stemmer for purification. The option to export data in CSV and Excel formats enhances its potency for professional usage. πŸ’Ό

The phenomenal pace of phrase parsing eradicates the prolonged waiting period for data compilation. The service`s exclusive algorithms empower the swift aggregation of even substantial cores of keywords, easily validated through practical application. Initiating a parsing task, even with 10-15 primary keywords, results in a rapid conclusion and the acquisition of data regarding over 3500 keywords along with their monthly frequencies within the search engine. πŸš€

The service adeptly manages the grouping of keywords, ensuring swift data processing without display delays. An array of tools is accessible for grouping, encompassing the collection of phrase frequencies for a month from Wordstat. The unique algorithm facilitates the rapid assembly of intricate combinations, with any omitted frequencies conveniently gathered within a prepared project. πŸ› οΈ

The service provides adaptability in choosing regions for parsing, granting the option to select or exclude specific regions. These capabilities establish it as a potent and user-friendly instrument for efficiently dealing with the semantic core and optimizing content to meet Yandex`s requirements. πŸ—ΊοΈ