German Address Hints
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German Address Hints Free plan: Up to 10,000 daily requests at no charge Free plan: Up to 10,000 daily requests at no charge
The "German Address Hints" service unlocks the gateway to precise and instantaneous completion of German addresses, considering postal code, region, city district, metro, and coordinates, ensuring the absence of typos.
Germany`s reliable state postal operator provides high-quality domestic and international letter and parcel delivery services, including DHL, along with integrated financial operations through the Postbank postal bank.

Deutsche Post, Germany`s state postal operator, focuses on delivering letters and parcels within the country and handles international written correspondence. A separate division of the holding, DHL, is responsible for international parcels, offering delivery from Germany and other countries worldwide. German Post is renowned for its reliability and high-quality service.

95% of "domestic" letters in Germany are delivered to recipients the next day after being sent. An envelope dropped into the mailbox this morning will reach the recipient by lunchtime tomorrow.

Germans receive 64 million shipments daily, and 150,000 Deutsche Post employees, including 82,000 mail carriers, ensure the uninterrupted operation of the service.

The maximum postal route between the northern settlement of List auf Sylt and the southernmost Einödsbach is 1,069 kilometers. The infrastructure, including highways, railways, and airlines, forms the backbone of the service`s successful operation.

The color of the German postal service is yellow: mailboxes, delivery vehicles, and branch signs are painted in this color. The symbol is a horn on a yellow background.

The German postal address format includes the name, street, house number, postal code, and city.

Interestingly, the postal service in Germany is integrated with the Postbank postal bank, making it easier for customers to address financial matters. Branches are often equipped with Postbank ATMs, making them convenient for various banking operations.