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The service "Online Diploma Verification through API" searches and cross-references data with the exclusive official registry in Russia, which holds authenticated information about diplomas across all professions.
Established to eradicate the falsification of educational records, FRDO is designed to offer reliable information on candidates` qualifications, combat corruption within educational institutions, and elevate the overall quality of education in Russia.

FRDO, the Federal Register of Educational and Qualification Information, along with Documents on Training, serves as a crucial tool in ensuring transparency and trustworthiness of educational documents in Russia. The register was instituted for the prompt gathering of up-to-date information regarding the proficiency and quality of training provided by various educational institutions. The significant aspects of its operation and objectives are emphasized in the resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation dated August 26, 2013, No. 729.

In the contemporary society, where education plays a pivotal role in shaping personalities and cultivating professional skills, having an efficient mechanism to verify the legitimacy of educational documents is crucial. FRDO was specifically created to address several vital objectives:
  1. Combatting Falsification: The register prevents the circulation of counterfeit state educational documents, ensuring a dependable verification system.
  2. Providing Accurate Information: Transmitting data to FRDO from licensed educational centers enables authorities and employers to access reliable information about candidates` qualifications.
  3. Fighting Corruption: FRDO reduces instances of violations and corruption in educational institutions, ensuring transparency in the diploma issuance process.
  4. Improving Education Quality: Providing the public with credible information about graduates contributes to an enhancement in the overall quality of education in the country.

FRDO operates through the Federal Information System (FIS FRDO), encompassing various modules that address different aspects of education. The fundamental idea is that each graduate or student contributes information about their education to this system, thereby ensuring the relevance and authenticity of the data.

Year by year, the list of documents required for inclusion in FRDO expands. Currently, obligatory entries in the register encompass documents such as:
  • Diploma of higher education.
  • Document attesting to general education.
  • Diploma of secondary vocational education.
  • Diploma of professional retraining.
  • Certificate of qualification improvement.
  • Certificate of proficiency in the Russian language.

Additional modules, including the verification of information on the completion of driving schools, are also in the pipeline.

During the submission of documents for the accreditation of medical professionals, Federal Attestation Commissions (FAC) verify the authenticity of diplomas and certificates through FRDO. This forms an integral part of the accreditation process, ensuring that medical specialists possess authentic and trustworthy educational documents. In the absence of data in the register, obtaining notarized copies of documents may be necessary for medical accreditation. It is crucial that these copies are certified by a notary, a medical institution through an employer, or an educational institution that issued the document.

FRDO has become an indispensable component of Russia`s education system, ensuring transparency, countering falsification, and contributing to the enhancement of education quality. The register plays a pivotal role in building trust in the education system, a factor crucial for both employees and employers, and stands as a vital element in upholding high standards in the field of education.

To verify the authenticity of a diploma, the required information includes: series, number, date of issuance of the document, the surname of the specialist, and the name of the issuing organization.