US Address Hints
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US Address Hints Free plan: Up to 10,000 daily requests at no charge Free plan: Up to 10,000 daily requests at no charge
"US Address Hints" service guarantees accurate completion of the postal address, covering the ZIP code, state, city district, nearby metro, and coordinates, thereby eliminating the possibility of typos.
USPS plays a crucial role in U.S. postal services and international delivery, competing with private carriers.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is an integral part of the lives of those who frequently shop at American online stores. It provides government postal services, including domestic and international delivery. USPS competes with private carriers such as FedEx and UPS, thanks to its well-established system and relatively low rates.

To expedite package shipment, USPS offers online registration on its website This convenient service allows users to fill out and print the necessary documents for shipment and pay for postal services online. Electronic registration provides the sender with a tracking number for package tracking and facilitates preparing the order for shipment.

Buyers making purchases from American stores often receive a tracking number before the actual shipment. This becomes possible due to online registration, enabling senders to prepare the order and immediately provide customers with tracking information through services like Postal Ninja.

USPS shipments go through various stages, starting from acceptance by the postal service, sorting, customs clearance, to delivery. Stages are tracked through statuses, such as "USPS in possession of item," indicating that the shipment is in the process of being transferred.

USPS offers various types of shipments, such as Priority Mail and Priority Mail International. These types of shipments provide tracking and fast delivery with limited timelines. International shipments can also be tracked, especially if the sender chooses the additional option of "Registered mail" for small packages.

Thus, USPS not only provides efficient and affordable postal services but also equips senders and recipients with tools for tracking and controlling their packages, making the entire process convenient and reliable.